About Us

Leads Hub sources Leads and Tenders all over South Africa and Africa. Tenders are sourced from more than 1000 websites and over 200 newspapers. Leads and Tenders are consolidated and then matched accordingly to our subscribers. Each of our subscribers will then be sent an email containing tenders that match their business profile.

Even though most tenders are publicly advertised, most of them go unnoticed because they get advertised on local newspapers and municipality websites. For example, there are 278 municipalities and more than 250 local newspapers in South Africa and this is exactly the reason some tenders go unnoticed, this is where our service becomes valuable as we scout the internet, government bulletins and newspapers for all tender opportunities.

We use software robots to source tender opportunities from websites and electronic newspapers, this allows us to shorten the turn-around time from the time we source a tender to the time we send it to our subscribers.

Our Corporate package includes tenders in sub-Saharan African countries that speak English (e.g. Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda etc). This package is particularly designed to cater for those companies that have business interest outside South Africa. Companies that may not be situated in South Africa may also find this package attractive.